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My name is Marcus Kaspari and I worked 5 years in the 5 Star Hotel "villa Hermosa" in Majorca.
There I functioned as chef and works manager in the restaurant "vista Hermosa".
The restaurant was mentioned for  on the front places of many restaurant guides: "Michelin"a.o
I have worked in 5 Sterne Hotel Hacienda in Ibiza and others top hotels of Switzerland , on the four-master Sea Cloud, in Egypt and other placed. 
I have absolved my master chef and hotel management expert in Hamburg.
I would be pleased, if you engage me around, at and boil for you.



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My name is Sandra and I have me concerned around the well-being of the guests in the hotel "villa Hermosa"; I take care for the decoration, lay the tabel, with , the wine service and the serve in your home.